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Re-design your Business Measurement from the ground up. What get's measured, get's done.

Bring all your data together in one powerful, yet simple BI tool you can use on Desktop or Mobile.

An experienced Data Scientist as part of your Senior team, on call when you need them.

Improve the Data literacy skills of your teams so you can take advantage of the 'Data Revolution' and out-perform the competition.

Measurement Design

Measurement design is a finely balanced art in judging what should be measured to provide clarity and performance advantage without encumbering your teams with analysis paralysis.

Your BI consultant will air-drop into your business, gather all the required intelligence on your current business objectives, performance and position and work with your key executives to re-deign your KPI’s from the bottom up. Measurement drives behaviour, and it is crucial new measures encourage positive behaviours while we eradicate the measures that are causing negative behaviours.


We believe in a ‘total stakeholder view’ when designing business measures. Businesses can get caught only measuring ‘the easy stuff’, like profit and loss, because your investors have always demanded it, but todays business world is so much more complicated. We will help you design a suite of measures that will allow you to perform at your best for all of the 5 key stakeholder groups: Investors, Customers, Employees, Suppliers & Regulators

One of the first exercises your consultant will go through with you is that of auditing your current measurement. Quality is paramount when we work with data. Important and business changing decisions will be made on the output of your measures, so its important you know they are right.


Quality comes in 3 parts, KPI’s, Data, and Process.

KPI’s – We will audit your current measures and the behaviours they are driving to establish whether they are positive, negative or ineffectual.

Data – Your existing systems and spreadsheets will be analysed to asses where there is a lack of detail and where there is unnecessary inaccuracy.

Process – We will scrutinise your existing data collection processes, both technical and human, to establish how things are currently done and identify the areas for concern with regards error and speed.

Measurement design workshops will bring your key executives together to define your new KPI’s. Using the ‘total stakeholder method’, your consultant will facilitate a process where your business objectives are turned into 5 sets of measures that drive positive behaviours. Some of this process will be about retiring old measures and some will be about the phasing and introduction of new measures to ensure a sustainable plan is developed.

Each KPI, old and new will be put through a proprietary 10 stage testing process to ensure it is fit and healthy. Often businesses set out to measure one thing but ultimately end up measuring something completely different without realising. Another key part of the test is designed to asses the behaviour created by a KPI – when negative behaviours are found the KPI will need to be redesigned.

Lastly, each KPI, old and new will be mapped to your data sources. This will inform how and where things will need to change (new or removal of systems and processes) to ensure the KPI can be activated. Availability of data will be the biggest challenge to overcome leading, to some KPI’s being pushed to a latter phase while processes are put in place or amended.


Architect & Develop BI Systems

PDF reports and Excel spreadsheets serve a purpose, but take 100's of hours to create and are not 'live'. A cloud based 'always on' automated BI platform is a far superior tool.

We will design you a completely bespoke BI system thats easy to use on desktop or mobile and connects to every data source in your business. We can completely remove the need for human interaction in the data collection process, allowing for costs of the system to be recouped within the first year.

Our developers are experts at working with 3rd party systems to integrate automated data extraction. Some systems will already have connectors, others will have an open API we can use – others may have nothing but an ‘export report’ feature. No matter where and how the data is stored we can create a connector that will pick it up and push it into your New BI system.

Having defined the perfect set of KPI’s is one thing, but presenting the information back to users is a whole different process. We will work with your teams, take account of preference and give you reports and dashboards that are completely bespoke to your needs and the KPI in question. For effective use, BI systems should try to be efficient with the amount of information they provide and display – focusing the user on taking actions, rather than getting lost with analysis paralysis. We pride ourselves in designing hard-working and intuitive reports and dashboards that make managing your business easier.

Based on the KPI’s you would like to measure, we will develop all of the complex algorithms required to calculate the performance variable you are looking for. Whether looking for trends, predictive analytics or correlation/causation, your consultant will develop all of these to your needs. There really is nothing that cant be done – the only questions are whether it would be valuable to do so.

We understand that data is sensitive and not all versions of reports will be seen by all users of your BI system. To this end we design user-groups at the very beginning of the project, that allow your single BI system to be viewed by any member of your business – only showing them the key data you would like them to see.


Sometimes this may be shielding a junior employee from sensitive salary data, or other times this might be preventing board directors from being able to dig into the detail, to keep them focused on the top level. This will be completely bespoke to your business.

There are three main rounds of testing of all BI systems we deploy. Firstly all measures and reports are completely tested in-house by the development team to ensure all is working as it should this is, ‘alpha testing’.


‘Beta’ testing is done with the client where your consultant will walk through the system with your key executives, over a number of days, testing outputs to what was expected.


Lastly we recommend that each system enters a ‘live beta’ testing phase where the client and a small group of internal employees use the system for 1-3 months in order to iron out any issues and assess how each report works, whether small tweaks to presentation are required or anything needs changing.

Consultation & Support

Learning to 'speak' Data can be a time consuming and painful process that not everyone is suited to.

Having a retainer for a Business Intelligence Consultant can be a very cost effective way of ensuring your business is always making the best and most timely decisions. Wether you need an ad-hoc conversation to confirm your existing plans or would benefit from the expertise before or during board meetings each month we can work to suit your needs.


Board Meetings are a crucial mechanism for running healthy businesses. There are often 10’s of reports, KPIs and summaries that need to be understood by all parties to ensure a productive and positive decision is made. The reality is that we often don’t have the quantity of Data savvy Directors to make this an easy task.


We offer a service, where your Consultant will either meet with key executives, before a board meeting, to run through the data and help with translation; or attend board meetings as an advisor, who will be there to offer perspective on the data and suggestion as to how to move KPI’s from negative to positive.

Although some businesses develop good KPI’s and collect the right data they can often fall short of creating good ‘action plans’ off of the back of the results. It can be easy to look at the results of data and feel helpless to change the direction things are going, feeling detached from the process of business.


Your consultant will work with each manager in your business to create full ‘decision tree’ action plans for each KPI they manage – a series of documents will be created for each department that can be added to existing Business SOP’s and then trained to the wider teams. The aim is to move the time managers spend looking at data to time they spend acting on the data – adding value to your business.

Occasionally a business will receive a one-time batch of data for a project they have begun and need to understand key questions from it. Examples of this might be: the acquisition of a new business, a market research exercise or new software system.


We offer ad-hoc consultancy to take the data and your questions then analyse it for you, returning it to you with a report that presents the answers to your questions and any other trend or take-away that was within the data, so you may begin to use it to drive your business.

Often businesses already have a BI tool in place and are collecting data and presenting management reports, however there may be a feeling that something is not right. Numbers don’t make sense, and trust is being eroded in the KPI’s the business uses.


We offer a service to come into your business and perform a Data Quality audit for you. Completely neutral from any of your existing people, processes or partners we will be able to highlight where problems are occurring and offer you the solutions you need to take to rectify.

Once you have a BI system in place in your business you have two choices for its future support (adding/removing measures, user maintenance, upgrades, bugs etc).


Some businesses choose to recruit or train an internal individual who would be the the key support structure for anyone in the business while using the platform.


However we offer a full support package that is far more cost effective than a full time employee. We use a credit system that refreshes every month. You spend credits at different rates depending on how urgent your request is; for example a non urgent request would be half the cost of an urgent request. This system is completely flexible to you needs and removes the headache from your business.



It can be frustrating if your team have problems reading reports and understanding spreadsheets, however its only going to become more and more important in this Data Age.

We have a range of training solutions that will suit any of your data concerns, whether thats training managers how to read reports and take action, inducting new recruits to your BI or mentoring key individuals in your business that you have highlighted for future Data Greatness.

‘Managing with Measures’ is crucial in todays business world, but the skills required to do it are just not taught in enough places and certainly don’t come naturally to many. However, the key principles are trainable and this training will add huge value.


Managers need to be able to see positive and negative performance in a report and be able to track down the cause. They need to be able to choose the correct rectifying actions to take from reports and effectively motivate their team to drive improved results. We offer training to assist managers in learning these key skills that are becoming mandatory for the modern manager.

Whether you have a rising star that needs Data nurturing or a Board member that ‘just doesn’t get’ Data, we offer bespoke 1-2-1 mentoring to help. Your consultant will be on hand for regular face to face meetings with the individual(s) and communicate via phone or email to assist these key individuals with questions and advice at any time. All completely confidential, no question is too simple or too repetitive, your consultant is there to ensure the individual performs their role to the best ability. We offer no judgement.

When a new BI platform is implemented we will run training workshops for all of the key groups of users within your business. These are usually group sessions of around 10 people but 1-2-1 sessions are equally viable if required.

When you employ new Managers or bring on board key individuals we offer a ‘BI Induction’ session that can be taken ad-hoc when you need it. Designed to get your new recruits up-to-speed quickly using your systems and while they are at their highest motivation to learn, in those important first few weeks.

‘Train the Trainer’ courses are common place. We offer data specific training courses to bring your internal data-team up to speed in how to train the users of a BI system or how to teach KPI understanding and action planning with your managers.