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About THIS Data Agency

THIS Data Agency is a Business Intelligence Consultancy. We were founded with the sole aim of helping businesses maximise the potential value in their Data. So many senior managers are tied up creating reports, weeks of time is spent pulling Data together rather than using the Data to drive the business and gain competitive advantage.

Reduce Costs

Automated Data Collection Saves Senior Managers 1000's hours of time per year.

Unlock Opportunities

Use a BI System to mine opportunities hiding in your data & gain an advantage.


No need to wait 4 weeks for the report, take action today with Real-Time reports.

Business Intelligence Consultant

Business Intelligence Consultant

Mat Webb

Founder & Senior Business Intelligence Consultant

A versatile Data Scientist and Business Strategist, Mat has spent his entire career extracting the value from Data to gain competitive advantage, reduce costs, increase insight and drive efficiency.

I help businesses unlock the huge value hiding in their data. The reality is your competitors are already there.

From a background in Artificial Intelligence, helping pioneer Search Engine Advertising and Operational Business systems comes a finely tuned skill-set thats perfect for helping Clients understand what they should be measuring and crafting bespoke perfect-fit BI solutions.

We have to rescue todays Managers from their admin-filled-hell; using simple BI tools we can turn Data into Decisions.

Mat is the key Solution Consultant at THIS Data Agency and will be your first contact. In the initial meeting he will help you shape the opportunity and will work with you to craft a Free Proof of Concept BI system.